Unique Themes for Your Next Catered Event


One way to make your next event more memorable is to create a themed party. Don’t limit your ideas to worn out decades or masquerade themes. Consider these 4 party themes for your next catered event and give your guests a party to remember.

Black and White Party

A black-and-white party theme is classy and versatile. You could go with a celebration of old Hollywood. You could create a classic black-tie affair, requiring men to wear tuxedos and women to wear formal gowns in either black or white. And, who can resist the classic chocolate cream sandwich cookie?

Celebrate the Beach

Right now, it feels like winter is here to stay. Why not bring back memories of summer with a beach party? Guests can dress in beach attire and play with inflatable beach toys. Get some fake sand in beach-inspired catering presentations. Serve sandcastle sandwiches. For an adult only party, create a spiked watermelon.

Children’s Book Party

This theme is not only for kids. Adults love to read children’s books too. Ask guests to bring their favorite children’s book. Serve foods inspired by popular children’s books. If the event takes place outdoors, consider Bear Hunt picnic boxes. An Eiffel Tower made of fruit is inspired by Ludwig Bemelmans’s Madeline. Let fun drive ideas for this type of party.

Play Dress-up

All girls love a tea party and this theme can be tailored to the age of the guests. Call on everyone you know who might have fine china and be willing to share their collection for a day. Assign each friend who shares to a table where she will be the hostess and serve her guests from her beloved china. Guests can wear fancy tea hats and party clothes. Serve tea, sandwiches, scones, and clotted cream.

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