Vegan Options That Will Appease Meat Eaters


If you've recently embraced a vegan lifestyle, but some of your friends still prefer to eat meat whenever they can and aren't very familiar with a vegan diet, planning a party menu can seem like a challenge. On the surface, it might seem like you're left with two unappealing options: either choosing to serve a menu that you personally can't enjoy or choosing to hold to your principles and serve a menu that your guests might look at with confusion.

Luckily, serving vegan meals to those who prefer meat doesn't have to be something to stress over if you take the time to think it through. The main rule when it comes to appeasing meat-eaters is the most basic rule of the kitchen: make sure that what you serve tastes great. If the meal tastes fantastic, nobody is going to miss the meat, and very few people will even notice that you served a meatless meal because they'll be too busy enjoying it to even think about it.

The second rule is to go with familiar options whenever you can. For example, portabella mushrooms are often considered the vegetarian version of steak, and they can make a great option as the star of the dish for meat eaters.

Other options include hearty vegetables that can bring out great flavors when cooked, such as eggplants, butternut squash, or zucchini. All of these are familiar vegetable options to many meat-eaters, and an option that includes one or more of these vegetables can ease the minds of meat eaters who might be unsure what vegan cooking is like. Another thing to consider is creative appetizers, as many meat eaters are accustomed to eating salad and vegetables prior to their meal. By giving them a familiar opening, you can give your guests something they'll enjoy, without compromising your principles.


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