What a Caterer Needs to Learn from You


Every catered event is different and requires a caterer to know several different points of interest about the crowd. But what is most important to everyone is the kind of food available. The information that a client needs to give to a caterer has become infinitely more important these days as food allergies have become more prevalent.

Couple these allergens with the growing number of people who have sworn off meat products and moved to either vegetarianism or total veganism (which completely removes animal products or byproducts from one’s diet), and a caterer’s job becomes infinitely more difficult in trying to provide healthy choices for all your event’s attendants.

Let’s assume that a client has a crowd of 300 people. Let’s assume that those 300 are broken up perfectly into 100 meat eaters, 100 vegetarians (who may eat some animal byproducts), and 100 vegans (who eat absolutely no animal or animal byproducts). It’s vital that your caterers know that such a division exists so they can prepare several different options for all three groups of eaters. Without this knowledge, a caterer may inadvertently serve food with animal products in it to a vegan.

Even worse, there’s the possibility of serving food to someone with allergic reactions, which could make them incredibly sick. A good caterer will be able to distinguish between all these incredibly important aspects of your event, but only if the client has the foresight of informing the caterer first. Without this information before your event, things could go sideways very, very quickly, turning a good time into one of struggle as you figure out how to make it all better in the moment.

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