What to Ask Your Prospective Caterer


If you're planning a catered event, you know that if you choose the right caterer, there will be very little for you to worry about during the actual event. But how do you know you're choosing the right caterer? How will you know you can count on them to take care of every detail while you simply sit back and enjoy yourself? Ask these questions before you hire a prospective caterer.

What Is Your Specialty/Most Popular Dish?

First and foremost, you hire a caterer because you want delicious food that people will talk about even after the event is over. Discuss with your prospective caterer all of the food options they have as well as their most popular dishes. If you know of any vegetarians attending, make sure they will have plenty of food choices as well.

What Is Included in the Quote?

When you talk about your event and the number of people you will be serving, make sure you know exactly what the quote they give you includes. It might include the food and nothing more, or it might include all of the dishes, utensils, service, and more. Make sure you only pay for what you need, yet don't be fooled into thinking you'll get more than what you're actually paying for.

Do You Offer a Wait Staff and Cleanup Services?

If you don't want to worry about the cleanup, make sure the prospective caterer offers those services as well as wait staff during the event if you need it.

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