What Will Catering Be Like in 100 Years?


Catering has a long history dating back to at least 1559 and possibly earlier. In the early days, the traiteurs who worked with middle classes and specialized in banquets and weddings were restricted as to the types of foods they could serve. Flash forward to today, and you can be served any type of food that you can imagine, including several types that might be outside of your knowledge. At Coburn's Catering, we find food fascinating, and while it is important to know where you came from, it is also important to know where the industry is heading. Here are a couple of ideas about where catering will be in the future.

A Dystopian View

Like something out of a science fiction movie or a Pink Floyd video, one possible direction catering could go is toward a Soylent Green type of main course followed by and equally off-putting pudding. As the population of the planet increases food gets so scarce that Charlton Heston will run around shouting "IT'S PEOPLE!"

Utopian View

Of course, nobody likes a Gloomy Gus. At the other end of the spectrum, we may see Star Trek-like matter energy converters that can create whatever food you want, as long as it is programmed into the computer. Everything else will probably be programmed to taste like chicken. No matter what the far future holds for catering, you can expect your next catered event to have something much simpler and tastier for you to sample.

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