When to Go Bold with Your Catering


As a general rule of thumb, you usually want to stay on the more conservative side when ordering catering for an event. You want to order foods that appeal to a lot of people, and bold choices usually only appeal to a narrow audience. However, there are times when we feel it is appropriate to choose a few of our bolder catering options. Here are just a few examples of when it is okay to go bold with your catering choices.

Small Crowd

If you're ordering catering for a small event where you know most of the guests quite well, you're more likely to know what kinds of foods your guests will like. This enables you to make more informed choices; and if you know most of your guests have an adventuresome pallet, you can order a few bolder catering options.

Themed Event

A themed event is a great time to try a few bolder catering options, especially if your event is themed around a foreign culture. A lot of Americans don't have experience with foreign foods, but a themed event is a great time to introduce your guests to these kinds of foods. Choosing a few unusual foods from that culture not only gives your guests a chance to try something new, but also allows them to learn something about another country.


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