Which Type of Catering Is Best for Your Event?


Are you hosting an event and need a bit of help with the catering? Whether it's a wedding party or a family reunion, catering can make any event easier and more memorable. But catering isn't a straightforward process. While all catering companies will provide you with food, what and how they offer it will vary. There are three primary ways you can serve food to your guests, and each one needs to be considered carefully. The three methods include the following:

Trays: Tray-based catering is usually best when you want to provide guests with a light meal or a casual dining experience. Tray foods are much like finger foods or hors d'oeuvres (without the meal to follow). This type of catering option is perfect if the meal itself is not a main part of your event. You need to provide food during any large event. If you want an easy way to make sure your guests aren't starving, trays are the way to go.

Buffet: Buffet-style catering is more hearty and robust than the tray method and can be matched to any meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something special). Buffet style catering involves a lot of hearty foods placed on serving tables where you can take as much or as little as you would like.

Box: Box meals include everything from sit-and-serve meals (like you get in a restaurant) to sack lunch style meals. In essence, box meals take the guess work out of serving and eating. They are perfect when you want everyone to have a standardized meal.

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