Why You Should Give Your Guests Main Course Options


Weddings can be extremely expensive! The flowers, the dress, the ring, the venue, the decorations, the reception, and the photographer can all add up to one humongous bill. Many brides worry about that bill and look for parts of their wedding to cut out to save a little cash.

All too often, one of the common cuts is the dinner at the reception, providing just simple hors d'oeuvres if any food at all. The dinner is definitely not a part that you should cut out, and here's why.

First, you want your wedding guests to leave your wedding having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You don't want them to leave on an empty stomach. This might cause your friends and family to wish they hadn't come to your wedding at all.

Second, you want to be a gracious host. Your wedding guests have, in many cases, come from hundreds of miles away just to come and see you wed. They have most likely spent a good amount of money doing so and even bought you a gift to top it off! The least you should do is show appreciation to these people by giving them a nice meal.

And last, but not least, you and your spouse want to remember the day with joy and happiness for the rest of your lives. You don't want friends or family members joking about your wedding for years on end, sarcastically referring to "That one wedding where we starved the whole night. That was a good one."

Make sure your wedding is one that everyone remembers as being fun, beautiful—and one they felt appreciated at. Give your guests a delicious dinner and you will accomplish just that!

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