Why You Should Make Sure Your Caterer Is Insured


When you are catering a large event, you might not immediately think about whether or not your caterer has insurance. However, it is an important part of choosing a caterer. All quality caterers will have catering insurance. While catering is not an inherently dangerous activity, it does bring certain risks. When working with kitchen tools, open fires, or other cooking appliances, there are some dangers involved.

Why Insurance Is Important for Caterers

You might think that insurance is important for caterers because it protects their business. This is correct. With insurance, caterers can feel secure knowing that if an unlikely disaster occurs (like a venue catching on fire due to cooking methods or appliances), their insurance will cover significant damages and prevent the business from folding. However, as a client you may be wondering how insurance protects you.

Why Insurance Is Important for Clients

Having someone else cater a large event can take a lot of stress off your shoulders, but you do want to be sure that your caterer is insured. While insurance is designed to protect the caterer, it is also a protection for you. If something happens and any of your guests are injured, sickened, or anything at the venue is damaged, you or your guests will want to seek reparations. If your caterer is insured, the insurance will likely cover the damages. If, however, you have an uninsured caterer, they may not be able to cover the damages and may have to declare bankruptcy, in which case you will not get the reparations you deserve.

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