Why You Should Talk about Business over Barbecue


People aren't always comfortable discussing business. When it comes to business matters, people can be guarded, defensive, and play things close to the vest. Changing the environment and atmosphere can be a good way to transition people to a more fluid and natural way of communicating. That can make it a bit easier to get the discussion moving along. But how do you make that happen?

Barbecue and Business Deals

Going from the board room or PowerPoint presentation to a more casual setting can be a great idea. That's especially true if you know what everyone likes. Enjoying food and being relaxed makes for a friendlier encounter, which makes it much easier for you to break the ice and get to know each other. People don't always enjoy getting into business without knowing the person first. This gives everyone an opportunity to go through that process. If you're hosting the occasion, that gives you the chance to steer things into the direction you want them to go without seeming to be pushy or aggressive.

Contracts and negotiations can become heated. That's understandable. You may be talking about projects and plans that have been in the works for years. Business partners could have poured hundreds or even thousands of hours of their lives into those developments. People can be very passionate about their life's work. Of course, the easiest and best way to diffuse a situation is to simply never let it shift into that tone. Starting with and maintaining a relaxed atmosphere is much easier to accomplish than trying to navigate a hostile environment. It might not seem obvious that barbecue and business deals make for a great partnership, but they work together far better than you may think.

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