Winter Appetizers for Your next Event


If you need an event catered, it helps to keep in mind the time of year to pick the most appropriate foods. In the summer, you’ll find a lot of fruit and a lot of light or cool foods to help refresh your guests. The winter, on the other hand, is all about coziness and friendliness and finding the right foods to evoke those feelings.

General Winter Themes

Seasonal flavors can change to some extent to suit current fashions, like raspberry, but a few core flavors have remained timeless. Apple, cinnamon, pecan, cranberry, pumpkin, and sweet potato are some of the most common. While these are mostly associated with desserts, they can be incorporated into an appetizer lineup, especially if they’re warm, like sweet potato latkes or apple fries.

Holiday Themes

If you’re specifically catering for a holiday, it helps to keep in mind the foods and traditions associated with this holiday. For instance, those aforementioned latkes might work well at a Hanukah party, But, for a Christmas party, you might want to incorporate gingerbread, peppermint, and other flavors that pair well with the holiday. You can also find food in seasonal shapes; for instance, you could have cheese balls or other small appetizer items arranged into the shape of a Christmas tree, or put out a cheese tray so that your cheeses are in a wreath on some sort of decorative plate.

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