Your Party Catering Made Easy


When you have decided to throw a party for whatever reason, it may seem a small thing to do. Throw some hors d'oeuvres on the table and let the games begin. That type of thinking can be fine. However, we know that a party can be made spectacular just by making sure that the food is great. There are two easy ways to make your catering decisions easy.

Decide on a Theme

A theme party makes catering instantly easy. Once you tell the caterer what the theme is, he or she can give you a menu suggestion based on that theme. The Super Bowl requires chips, salsa, wings, and other snacks, which can go upscale and include bacon-wrapped dates, spinach artichoke dip, or Angels on Horseback. Christmas parties have Yule logs, turkey and cranberry sauce. A Mardi Gras party will have southern fried chicken and beignets.

Know Your Audience

Like any good writer, a party host knows his or her audience, especially when it comes to food allergies and preferences. It is terrible to see a guest without food because there are no vegetarian options or because he or she has a nut allergy.

At Coburn's Catering, we know that food can make a good party spectacular, and it can save a bad party. Make the catering easier by having a theme in mind and knowing your audience.


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